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When your consignment clears customs, our service doesn’t stop there.  If it is a load arriving into the UK, we will attend to it’s secure pick-up and transit to the point of delivery. If you have a consignment going overseas, we will ensure that the load is met at the air/sea cargo port, is promptly picked up from it’s customs clearance and is taken to it’s delivery point. If for example the cargo is arriving at a port and needs to be forwarded on to a third point in another country, we will again have all matters of customs and transport in hand and we will arrange for safe transportation onwards. We also ensure that the overseas care given to the goods is appropriate to the load, for example refrigerated containers and notification of fragile or volatile loads.


It may also be noted that Air-Wave are experienced specialists in delivery into zones where normal business may be restricted by military, civil or political unrest. Operating in a hostile environment becomes a lot easier when your supply line remains intact. Don’t let the efficiency of your business be sidelined by circumstances you may have thought would prevent you operating.


Nowhere in the world is out of reach of the door to door delivery provided by Air-Wave.